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My entertainment for the weekend was derived from watching my television. On Saturday afternoon Mili and I ate some food and then bought DVDs. In Korea, as in other places all over Asia (and probably everywhere else outside of the US), people sell pirated movies for about 3,000 won a pop (a little more than three dollars a piece). No one cares about the copy rights infringements- the cops never bother these vendors- and I certainly don't care; I bought five that day and plan to buy many more.

The DVDs I purchased:
The Good Shepherd

The Departed
a Japanese animation movie. The main character's name sounds something like "Na-oo-she-ka" (A virus ate my Korean Language program, I am currently unable to type in Korean...)

The Good Shepherd was quality. But, I would have liked to know what happened to the wife and son at the conclusion of the movie. Crank = crap. The scene where the main character had to engage in public intercourse with his girlfriend in order to keep his adrenalin up so the Chinese poison wouldn't kill him left a bad taste in my mouth. Babel was good, but difficult to watch with Korean subtitles over the English translations for arabic, japanese and spanish. Blast!
The Japanese movie was terrific! Giant Ohm bugs and Naoosheka stole the show. I almost watched it a second time.
The Departed, the movie I was really looking forward to see, did not work. Technical difficulties with the pirating I guess. I will be going back to the pirate tomorrow after work to secure a working copy.

I also watched the Manchester United vs. Liverpool game. For 95 minutes of the 98 minute long game (considering the extra time added at the end of each half) the game was scoreless. Liverpool was playing at home and were, having beaten Barcelona at Camp Nou in the champions league a weak earlier, beaming with confidence. They were just hammering the league leaders. I believe Liverpool had 11 shots, Manchester United 2. Liverpool had 14 corners, Manchester United had 2. Additionally, Manchester United were reduced to 10 men with about 15 minutes left to play- that is why it was most improbable for Manchester United to score three minutes from time, eventually winning 1-0. Being a some-other-team-besides-Chelsea fan, the goal sent me into a backward somersault away from the TV across my bed, pillows and bed spread sprawling. My yelp laced fit of euphoria caused me to miss the replay.

Today I met my private tutor and ate Dalk-kal-bi. It did not stop raining all day.

And, this evening I have been messing around with Skype, the wonderful program that allows you to make long distance phone calls for free. I have it set up so I don't have to hold my damn phone anymore when I have conversations, see picture:

Now I can set my phone on my desk in front of me, speak normally and the output sound flows through my speakers. It really is like I am talking to my computer.

My readers unite! Get Skype and talk to me through my computer!

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