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How to smile for the past and posterity

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I put this up on the SBFC website but I figured I might as well put it here too.
This is the best start to an SBFC team's season ever. We are 4-0-0, with 18 goals scored against other teams and 0 goals scored against our defense. That would be no goals scored against our defense.
I actually got myself in shape before the season started and I have finally returned to the position I played during high school and for the Kansas ODP team. The quick, graceful memories have been replaced with heavy, just-in-time tackles.

I also wanted to include this write up to talk about my theory of taking sports photographs. One is advised to not smile in the photograph. One is to remain stoic and serious for the picture. After all, sport, back back in the day was nothing more than a progressively civilized version of warfare. And maybe it is an outlet for these same emotions even today. I imagine not everyone is on the same page here. Nevertheless, the person being photographed is about to enter a competition and anyone who has ever been competitive knows that it is not something to be smiling about before hand. Additionally, smiling looks poor anyway to your future relatives who may happen to come across the picture. You are posing for the past and the future; when in doubt, dont smile.

SBFC Jokers Fall 2006

Jokers 1- Inchon 0, September, 24th 2006
The SBFC Jokers met the Inchon Shooters, ranked number 2 and 1 respectively, at their home ground, 부평고등학요, to battle it out for rights to sit atop the SSFL table. The Inchon Shooters came into this contest undefeated (3-0-1) with a realistic hope of extending their best start to a season in their club’s history. The Jokers, the defending champions for the past 4 seasons running, also came into this match undefeated (3-0-0) boasting three consecutive clean sheets.
Both teams would primarily be focusing on pulling out a victory of course, but there was also an individual battle to be decided. The main strikers for each side, Sebastien Neumann of the Jokers, winner of the golden boot two seasons previously and Ben Munro from the Inchon Shooters, entered this game neck and neck with 9 goals a piece, tied for first in the race for the much coveted Golden Boot. Both defenses would have their work cut out for them with these potent threats bustling around up front. But it would be no walk in the park for the top ranked forwards as both defenses came well stocked with capable back lines and stellar keepers.
The game was intense right from the get go as a player from each side was shown a red card before the 15 minute mark. Unfortunately, after the dust settled and the play evened out a bit, the Jokers realized that one of their main scoring threats, Seb, was to be the man sitting out for the remainder of the game.
Inchon quickly stepped up the pressure and managed to squeeze off a couple challenges on goal. On the other end the Jokers were having difficulties creating chances, only able to look dangerous on a few occasions. Half time arrived with the score still knotted at 0-0.
The turn in the game came immediately after the break. The Jokers really turned the pressure up, rattling the Inchon defense with half a dozen chances in the first ten minutes. The Jokers would struggle with their finishing but not with maintaining possession of the ball. Inchon managed to counter attack on several occasions but they seemed to be much less of a threat for the remaining 30 minutes of the game. At around the 80 minute mark Jokers' player Miles Mcdonough was taken down in the box by the Inchon keeper. Didier Balistaire, the Jokers' center midfielder, stepped up and buried the ball satisfactorily in the back of the net. Ben Munro would strain against the Jokers defense up to the final whistle, yet, much to his chagrin, the Jokers held on to run away with the victory and yet another clean sheet.

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