The Seoul Train bravoing my life...

In the name of Colin, the Compassionate, the Merciful...

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The profit turns in thought and the throng of gabby followers silence immediately. "The chosen one is going to speak. Pipe down back there!" says an anxious follower...

I didn't quite catch what the profit said but it was undoubtedly filled with benign blasphemy....

My wisebeforehistime brother in Hawaii with me one year ago exactly. Happy 23rd birthday little brother.
Here are a couple of other pictures of the birthday boy. The only ones I have with me here in Korea.
Whatever happened to all of those other pictures we took in Seattle?

On the cruise ship:

At his birthday dinner last year. How about you fucken smile this year, yo... It's not a sports photograph so it's 괜찬아요.

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  1. Anonymous colin 

    Thatkyou for the nice and sincere birthday wish. I think I have to work on my birthday but, i'll try to get off early to talk with you on the phone!!I miss you and can't wait until I get to see you again in November. I hope you are doing well and staying out of trouble. Until then I will write you whenever I can.

    p.s: Nice blog site you should join myspace!!

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