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Life Vocabulary

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I taught the following in my level 4 vocabulary class today:

fart [fa:rt] v. 방귀를 뀌다 n. 방귀
If you fart, the smell will spread out.
당신이 방귀를 뀌다면, 그 냉새는 퍼질것이다.

Coincidentally, it just so happened to be the class with delinquent student #1.
At the beginning of the term I asked the class to choose their own English names
This particular student wrote "mutherfucker!" in the name blank.

Anyway, when we made sentences in class today Mutherfucker wrote:
"miels teacher is fart"

Grand. Just need to step up the spelling a little bit, add a particle and we're there...

2 Responses to “Life Vocabulary”

  1. Blogger lala 

    i apologize profusely once more for commenting on your site w/o permission!!!! hope you're not mad. but i loved this post. i'm a commercial writing major and i'm taking advanced grammar and it has tainted everything i read and this i found very amusing. =) (apparently my classes do nothing for run-on's). are you an english teacher? forgive me for not reading far enough into your blog to find out. =)

  2. Anonymous theseoultrain 

    savannah_jane. welcome. it is totally cool for you to post on my blog without permission.
    this is very interesting news for me- the fact that you were able to leave a response on the blog. friends and family have been complaining since i dont remember about not being able to leave a comment. i had attempted to fix the glitch but i didnt think i had.
    yes, i am an english teacher and student of korean language here in seoul.
    do you have a blog?

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