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"Just throw some pictures up there..."

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Stupid time stamp, nearly ruins the picture. Here is the view from outside Damian, Darren and my apartment complex in 철산, actually 하안동 if you must trouble with the details. For most of the five months I lived here (13 stories directly above left of the location in this photo) it was bitter -minnesotaesque- cold. The trees had not a single leaf. The ground on either side of the walkway was barren, not a hint of life. At least in Minnesota there is frozen grass three feet below the snow. Here all the grass just dies. I could be imagining this. Then one week in late April that all changed. Not the weather, for it would still be cold until it was, all of a sudden sweaty hot one late day in May, but the foliage. Suddenly there was a canopy over the walkway and it became a pleasure to come to and go from the apartment.

And that was a long time ago. Here are some other pictures from back when.

Singing a 80's rock ballad, flipping for the next song, leaning agaist the wall, and closing my eyes all at the same time. With, mind you, my shirt tucked into my underwear?! I can't explain that one. This particular 노래방 establishment (important to qualify since I have been to 50 or so such places) was located in the hip district of 철산. An area essentially blocked off from all traffic concerns, it existed as a four square block pedestrian play area. Hundreds of restaurants, googles of bars, coffee shops, ice cream dives, board-game cafes, billiard dens, and of course 'singing rooms' or 노래방. This particular time it was a late Saturday afternoon. Cassie, Damian and I were the joint customers. And, there was an incident. Nothing of the rowdy, disrespectful sort. No this was a more humorous, embarassing incident for one female member of the Carleton reunion. And that my friends is where the story ends and where it will resume- at our first Carleton reunion. Or maybe at Joe's wedding. Nevertheless, it is probably the funniest thing that I have ever whitnessed. I would have fallen on the floor laughing but then that would have been just dirty.

Good boy. Good boy. Here I am riding the 이태원 steed. I must have a problem with closing my eyes. I wonder if this is only when I am being photographed or if the photographs are capturing a miles trend. Maybe I spend a good deal of my days with my eyes closed and I dont even notice it. The mounting of above steed occured immediately after exiting the taxi from 철산 to 이태월 and before wandering into Jesters Pub to meet the soccer team.

Me and Dad intently listening to someone speak.

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