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Those damn Irish

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At last Sunday's Jokers/Harriers SSFL soccer match 'Irish' Mark Cumming's Ma and Pa were in attendance. The latter was later requested to write up the game report. Now even though much of the archaic mother tongue falls defly on these ears, I still find the account absolutely hilarious. Take, for instance, the impression I had on him: Myles our very own Shane McGowan... Wallowing, again, in ignorance I am thinking to myself as I google the lad up, "well, must be some sort of Irish soccer player..." and to my temporary displeasure I realize the startling similarities between myself and the non-football playing Irishman. No I never wingmaned in a band called The Nipple Erectors, but I will end up looking like fuckle on the right if I keep smoking those damn cigarettes people give me. So let this be a lesson Myles, a man of many words and few teeth is not something to aim for- if that's how things end up then that's one thing but lets not shoot for it from the impressionable age of 23. This recent game report also brought to my attention that my once graceful days of football playing finesse are numbered as my football pitch demeanor has, more than once, been referred to as...well, less than gracious. and McGowan up front kicking the ball as far as he could away from the goal in his customary bull dozing fashion... I swear I used to have some moves I could offer the defender before I kicked the ball and ran. even radudu, the SBFC PR rep sees me in this shady light: Miles runs through the Pats defense like a Samoan rugby player. Don't let the 'y'/'i' swapping fool you. Same person being described.
Cheers, Shane. To the motherland.

*The original 'game report', entitled Sept. 11, 2005 SBFC 5 - Pepe's Harriers 1 , may be found by following the following:

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