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Water Rage

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You have got to be f**king kidding me.
That is my initial reaction every third or so time I flip on my water in my apartment.
No bloody water comes out. At first, many moons back, I was more than eager to believe that this was a temporary problem, a slight trouble that didn't seem to have the potential to persist.
But, it is obvious that this was not the god d**n case.
There is nothing more frustrating than going to the bathroom to wash one's hands, turning on the water and then left with no recourse but to stand, arms extended, frowning at the non-dispensing faucet.
I mean come the f**k on. Its 2006 isn't it!?! All I ask for is to have reliable running water in all apartments in first world countries. Especially if the tenant has paid an absurd amount of money as a deposit- and I mean a breath stiflingly absurd fee- and then another 400,000 won on top of that 12 times a year plus an additional 60,000 won on the same increment for various phantom fees. On top of all of this my landlord claims that, the water, “It's free.”
Well, it certainly isn't reliable that's for sure.
This makes me angry angry.
This rapidly finger-slammed out post may be the first time you have heard about this issue but believe you me, it has been boiling under the surface for a good d**n time.
It has only recently geysered well beyond the detectable surface because of the recent rainy season.
I have nothing against days, weeks of incessant rain. Whatever- bring it on. What does start to annoy me is the humidity that clamps down in its wake. This is especially bothersome to me because I have no air-conditioning in my apartment.
I righteously pound my fist down on my fake wood desk thinking about the times when I had just walked up the four flights of my treacherous apartment stairs to my apartment after a long day's work in barely breathable humidity and sideways rain, wanting nothing more than a shower. I strip down to the buck-naked and step into the water closet, pick up my shower head and flip on the faucet and then promptly flip the f**k out when, again, water fails to make its assumed appearance.

I have brought this to the attention of those who are ultimately to blame for my apartment's glaring deficiency. An excuse or two were made. The issue was re-broached. The complaint politely resubmitted. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing has changed. I see the olderish married couple that owns my building and a lot of other property in several different choice locations and they are nothing but smiles and nods.
The other day it happened to be the 29th of the month and Mrs. Water Hoarder herself had the gall to ask me where the rent money was.
BWHAHAHAH!?!?!?!?! Excuse me, come again?
I have been paying my monthly rent around the first of the month for almost half a year. I went back up stairs to double check my contract- sure enough it says the 28th of each month, but give me a break. For 5 months I have paid on the first or second with no complaint whatsoever and now! you want to give me a hard time, now! after the cat is out of the bag as to my lack of water in my apartment!!
I went ahead and intentionally delayed my payment to remain consistent with my first of the month payments.

D**n it. There is nothing I can do.

Nothing but stand naked in my bathroom, ringing my hands and using the mirror to perfect Calvin-like malicious faces (that would be Calvin and Hobbes) while my stress level escalates to match the humidity level.

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