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Well, Im back blogging. So much has transpired since the last time I sat down to seriously write. And, I have been thinking a lot about what my blog is and what it obviously isn’t or doesn’t do. There is no coherent story and there should be. It is disjoint and random and I pity my handful of readers for that. Instead I should be giving more insight into the grit that constitutes my daily grind. You should be able to taste the sweet but stifling Seoul smog through these posts. You should be able to attempt vicariousness through my digital voice. And, well. Shouldn’t there be some characters? Never could be a story without characters.
Additionally, my blog format excludes the best aspect about blogging. Isn’t the entire idea that this should be a dialogue? At least something more than a spiraling soliloquy, that’s for sure. Questions, concerns, general blather and hate mail are all welcomed on- what will be- the new comments section of this blog. Other voices are needed, desired.

A new beginning. Why now? A critical mass has been reached. I can’t let these times float by undocumented.

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