The Seoul Train bravoing my life...

It was my babe's birthday last week...

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Who looks good while they are eating? This woman does.

So, it was Jay's birthday last saturday (04/08) but we decided to postpone it until today as another one of her friends was having a birthday party that night. I have planned out a number of things for the occasion. This evening, after she takes a nap, we will play pingpong, go out to dinner and then come back to the apartment for wine, cake and presents. Tomorrow we will go to the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art in the morning and then play tennis in the afternoon with our new Dongdaemun racquets.
Without romance this plan is not. Being busy Seoulites there is a long list of things that we never get to but always say we would like to do. This marathon of seemingly randomly combined events is equivalent of hitting an entire pigeon farm with one stone.
Here are some pictures of her taken since I returned from Siberia. Isn't she just gorgeous?

Wearing the gift I brought back from Kazakhstan. Definitely could pass for a Kazakh any day of the week- she just needs to pull those fox fur ear flaps down and change her facial expression to "dear god, I have been freezing cold my entire life"...

Me and Jay out and about. Even when making a silly face she still looks better than me.

Jay and Chloe. Thanks to Jay again for offering so much of her time to help me show Chloe a good time while she was visiting. I am afraid Chloe would not have enjoyed her stay in 신촌 without the Chinese hospitality.

Often confused for some Korean pop singer. Seriously.
I cant count the number of times we have been hanging out with various Koreans who have said at least one, if not both, of the following statements:
1. What do you mean she is not Korea? She is so beautiful. (This irks Jay to no end seeing as the statement implies that Korean women are more beautiful than her mainland relatives).
2. She looks like ______,the Korean singer. I don't remember the singers name and have never tracked down a picture to investigate the supposed resemblance but Jay assures me that there is none. Decide for yourself.

I really like the following picture.

Here she is, about to kick my ass in Chinese chess. My excuse for consistently losing so bad? I'm not Chinese.

Jay out to dinner with her Japanese friend Sai. They attended GSIS together at Yonsei University.

Cooking dinner in my apartment.

Relaxing and taking a smoke break.

Happy Birthday Jay!

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