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Blame It On The Tetons

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"Lets just go out and get dinner tonight, alright?"
Yet, somewhere along the way sooner is bumped aside by later and we find the early morning hours and a hangover waiting to escort us home.
The good times just might be killing me.

It is all too easy to blame this lifestyle on the culture.
Pass by any restaurant during lunch time and just beyond the Gimbap window roller there will unfailingly be hoards of empty green bottles littering the shin high tables.
And they don’t empty themselves. Leaving these restaurants are middle aged men, clad in ties and suits, returning to their place of employment. The Chaebols must save clerical work for the afternoons!
And Soju is not a luxury item. Corner side LG25s sell these potent emerald bottles for a little less than a buck each making them price competitive with bottled water.
And evidence of late night toasting sessions consistently stain Seoul's broad pedestrian walkways.

But, culture is a pitiful man's excuse. Especially for those who boast any semblance of free will.
It is not the first time fun has hurt and it wont be the last.

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