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Damian is to my right. The hill is getting steeper and a partially opened door opens completely. A beautiful, scantily-clad woman steps out and extends her arm and an invitation in soft Korean. I duck and skip to the side, shaking my head.
We pick up the pace in silence and round the corner heading farther up the hill to a used English bookstore.

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  1. Blogger jessie 

    it's me,, jessie~*^^*

  2. Anonymous neil kumar 

    What up Miles and other "Bloggers". to be honest, i didn't really read your entries yet and this has nothing to do with them. its a lot of typing for way too late, kansas city time. anyways, just wanted to drop a line and say hi. is that okay in blog etiquette? anyways, i leave you with some stuff i've learned about korea and some stuff i've learned in the last few days

    soju is good stuff
    korean is the only language to use the perfect circle as a written character
    hippos, yes hippos, have been observed and documented to engage in acts around the dead hippos that can best be described "mourning"

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