The Seoul Train bravoing my life...

Weekend Happenings


Some pictures from the weekend.
Miri and I outside the apartment building after returning from 종로. Drinks with Cassie and her boyfriend, 진섭. They have been together for a year and will be moving into an apartment together in Boston sometime this summer. Cassie was recently accepted to a Harvard masters program. Way to go C-train!

Earlier in the evening Miri and I went to the "63 Building." This is Korea's tallest structure.

In the basement of the building they have an aquarium and an Imax theater. We enjoyed both.

Sitting in the food court waiting for our meal.

And finally a picture of me admiring the sites near 종로정로 while waiting for Cassie and 진섭.

miles and miri!


i am in love with my girlfriend miri.



still young at heart.

the pad


for everyone abroad who hasn't seen the place.

of course, it is always this clean...

go ask your father.


i bought a shirt in thailand with this logo on it. i pictureprojected it to make the beast appear even more sinister. hilarious.

the five minute blog post


the illusory dream of consistent blogging...
here are some pictures from today. i have a lot of pictures and stories to put up here but i dont have the damn time to do so.

i met my girlfriend miri today after class in one of the five starbucks in this university area. we have been meeting here off and on since september. i actually met her about fifteen feet to the left of where she is sitting in the picture. when we sat down today i said to her, "miri ohgul ga jumok man hey yo." would you be pleased if i told you your face was a big as a fist? well, here in korea it is a compliment.

before our dalkkalbi lunch:

after lunch:

on the way from class to the coffee shop. it's spring and the flowers are doing their thing. you cant be cool in korea unless you take a picture in front of cherry blossoms:

and finally, the copy machine. i have never before had so many emotions wrapped up in an inanimate object:

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