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Dear Miles,
I feel you have been neglecting me. Why are my blog spots so empty? Why are there months between posts? My blank page needs fulfillment. Sometimes I sit in internet space thinking about the days of yore. When I was first started I remember the excitement that went into my pages. I could feel the pounding key strokes of someone too enthused to slow down, too frenzied to care about time, too exhilarated about sharing their stories to stop. Postings were flung on my site, pictures were splattered everywhere, then re-arranged, then splattered some more. It was a wonderful time. But now. What now?

Is it because Korea is soooo much fun? Would you rather sit in a 'nore bang' singing till your heart bleeds or wash down some kalbi with soju than sit on a computer and give inspiration to my bland nakedness? What am I supposed to tell the thousands of internet users who check this page daily? How am I to tell them that my abject and hollow existence is not reflected in the owner? How are they to know!?

Give me something so that I may shine the light of your GLORIOUS LIFE IN KOREA!!!!!!!!

'Your Lonely Blog' THE SEOUL TRAIN

P.S. Mrs. T-Bird. Your photo keeps me warm in my small share of this large internet. What, my fair princess, are you up to?

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