The Seoul Train bravoing my life...

Spring in the Pacific NW


Lessons I have learned thus far during my training hikes:
In March, April and early May there will be a significant amount of snow on the trails or mountains that you will be on. Not that I didn’t know this would be the case, but actually hiking through knee/upper hip deep snowfields and crashing through melting snowbridges on an otherwise harmless path has taught me the lesson that advances in gear technology should damn well be taken advantage of. A certain modicum of expensive gear is required.

Gaiters and snowshoes are on my list of things to by soon. No worries on the climbing in the dark though as I just bought a Petzl MYO XP headlamp with 85 lumens. Ferociously blinding.
Me, heading up to McClellan Butte, in Mt. Baker National Forest.

View of Mt. Rainier from I-5, in route.

View of Mt. Rainier from just below the Muir Snowfield.
At Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier.

This would not have happened with snow shoes. Maybe. But, regardless, with gaiters my feet would still be dry.

correspondence from the south


i miss you so much, miri.

Better than those in Hongdae...


A tradition at my house growing up: Belgian home made waffles every sunday morning. Eating just doesn't get much better after you have had these waffles.

Moms in action.

My mother's wedding gift from her mom, the sacred belgian waffle maker.

My Ride


I plan to circumnavigate the continental US in this bad boy. Wish us luck.

Blinded by the light


At the pool.

The new "apartment"


I was taller than those trees at one point in my life.

Where the GRE and LSAT preparation magic will all go down.

Downstairs bedroom:

Temporary bed room. See that panda bear, I used to drag that thing around the streets out the back of my red wagon when I was 8 years old. I cannot believe we still have it.


Post appendix operation


And I thought I was just constipated. Oh, how very wrong I was. They shaved off a considerable amount of hair. I went ahead and took off the rest of the chest hair. Didn't really like the idea of uneven chest hair growth.



Weekend Happenings


Some pictures from the weekend.
Miri and I outside the apartment building after returning from 종로. Drinks with Cassie and her boyfriend, 진섭. They have been together for a year and will be moving into an apartment together in Boston sometime this summer. Cassie was recently accepted to a Harvard masters program. Way to go C-train!

Earlier in the evening Miri and I went to the "63 Building." This is Korea's tallest structure.

In the basement of the building they have an aquarium and an Imax theater. We enjoyed both.

Sitting in the food court waiting for our meal.

And finally a picture of me admiring the sites near 종로정로 while waiting for Cassie and 진섭.

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